Programs - What we do

Programs - What we do


Program promotes accessing quality and affordable friendly health services to youth and adolescent, Right to access right information and making informed decision regarding their sexual health, provide Trainings on SRHR to youth, adolescent and young mothers, promote HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment, care and to reduce stigma among PLHIV, Develop communication materials on SRHR and HIV/AIDs, Through implementation of this program MYCN successfully advocated for the amendment of HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control Act on the age of Consent on testing.


This program grouped in two groups which are junior below the age of 18 years old and senior who are above 18 to 25 years old. The young and youth reporters’ program is aiming at advocating for the youth, adolescents, young mothers and children’s rights through effective implementation of the policies by carrying out communities, in schools children and youth engagement, media engagements and awareness programs and campaigns. They are working with local and national media houses.


MYCN is implementing youth and cash project dealing aim at improving livelihood of youth and young mothers through Business skills development and Entrepreneurship skills to youth and young mothers, linking them with local government financial opportunities i.e 10% loan from the government, Financial institutions and technical support from different development institutions and engaging in decision making.


This is a platform of children under the age of 18 years old who leads the changes and engagement of children in policy development process from grassroot to national level.


MYCN has been and is implementing a youth based environmental conservation and climate change program through Engage youth in addressing climate change challenges – reducing the effects, adaptation, using available opportunities for economic empowerment.


This is a program advocating for friendly youth legal framework on employment & economic empowerment, Inclusion and Access to health services particularly SRH services. In this program, MYCN is convening 25 youth CSOs in Tanzania to advocate for friendly legal framework.

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